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Welcome to my blog


I am a frequency writer and a cosmic inspirer here to shine a light on divine inspiration, guidance, the path of soul integration, the upgrading and rising of this New Earth Star Planet, and what I have come to call:

"Sentience Consciousness."


More will be shared about all of these concepts and living essences in this blog.  I hope you enjoy the energies and clarity offered here.  Welcome to the conversation!



By onevillage, Jan 27 2017 05:06PM

There is so much change unfolding on the planet at this amazing time.

It requires tremendous faith and fortitude to see the forest through the trees . . . as all sentient beings ascend to higher frequencies of light consciousness now, and as the old paradigm releases while the new one takes it's first breaths.

It is an exciting time and yet it can also be an overwhelming time. This is because all lifetimes, soul aspects, karmic contracts, and experiences in the lower density frequencies of this last world cycle are merging into one timeline now. And they are converging into one holistic and expansive awareness . . . that is rising within us to be a new consciousness in the New Light unfolding now on the planet.

It is going to require us to remain awake, aware, compassionate, and committed to rising with the Earth Mother's frequencies now, so that we can remain frequency specific to the new templates and requirements for physically living this New Earth Experience.

We have all of the resources within, gleaned and gained through lifetimes of exposures, experiences, trainings, and practicums, to transcend these times as successfully, joyfully, and easily as possible.

But from time to time, all of us will need supportive resources in our lives that will be a kind of navigational marker, as if to say, "Yes! You are on the right track. Keep going! Keep shining! And we will give you a bit of "etheric chocolate" now to keep you fueled in your journey, so you can persist and continue to ascend in the bigger picture process that is unfolding in every way . . . in every heart . . . and on every path now."

I have shared previously but I wish to say it again -- that I received approximately 60 New Earth Soul Songs over a 4 year period of time a number of years ago. They were not just soul songs. They were in fact what I call "Scroll Songs". They tell the vibrational and sentient story of the magnitude of our powerful journeys here on earth. They cover a span of time that is not even recorded in our current history books. They connect us with the Timelessness of All Time and the Consciousness of No Time. For they are here as Frequencies of Higher Sound and Light . . . to support our changing energy systems and our shifting consciousnesses, that are going through so much in such a short span of time.

I share these Scroll Songs here on my Shine Your Light Gifts blog. I also share these vibrational tools on my YouTube channel, ColorTheMagic. And I share them again in my more expansive, higher frequencied blog, via my website,

You can tune in any time to any of these cosmic portals to receive a little vibrational upliftment or conscious affirmation in your day . . . to support your shifting vibration and your elevation in consciousness. Having Light Tools like these in your repertoire of skills can go a long way in connecting you to your Heart Center and your Divine Council of Spirit Guides, that are ever present and infinitely supportive of your unique tasks, lessons, and purpose at this time on the Earth.

I wish to share with you now my most recent Soul Song Video, titled "Bird's Eye View". It is a Scroll Song that sings the vibrations of the vastness of our soul journeyings here. And it sings about the epic merger of the old paradigmal energies that are releasing now and the new paradigmal energies rising up and through all of us today.

These are extraordinary times, and they require extraordinary willingness, awareness, openness, and alertness, for us to remain conscious of the Power of the Light to Lead in the New Earth's Full Manifestation through our heart centers and within the Earth Mother herself.

Scroll Songs offer vibrational tune-ups to literally sing our cells awake, as we ride the waves of change, powering this new world unfolding!

Enjoy having a listen to "Bird's Eye View". Please consider liking it on YouTube directly, subscribing to my channel, and sharing it with those you feel would benefit from a vibrational tune-up today.

Additionally, if you would like a more expansive perspective on the cosmic energies of this week's vibrations, please visit my latest blog post, at by clicking here: Bird's Eye View: The Power of Perspective.

By guest, Jun 12 2015 05:21PM

12/24/16 posted by Marie Mohler

2016 ushered in a great deal of turmoil, exposure, opportunities for healing and clearing, invitations to integration, expansions of Light, and the promise of powerful change on our planet.

We are in the bridge time, between the old codes and outdated enslavement programming, and the new Light codes that are emerging and infusing this planet.

2017 beckons more shifts, upgrades, and change, the likes of which humanity has never seen.

And yet, the New Light Frequencies are supporting and guiding every step.

As my guides affirm regularly . . . The Light Leads All Things.

As the Light increases, to assist all sentient beings in becoming the frequency that is specific to the New Earth's Unfoldment, we can understand then that all that is denser, darker, or heavier than the Light of the New Earth WILL BE EXPOSED, so that it can be cleansed and integrated in the New Light. This helps transcend much pain and suffering on our world. Because that level of pain, control, perpetration, fear, and suffering is not in alignment with the dimensional frequencies we are soon to fully embody.

2017 will thus be a time of witnessing the continued exposure of the darkness that has reigned on the planet for eons, as well as its continued release. And it thus will be a time of witnessing and balancing our fear, with the aid of these powerful light codes that are supporting these imminent emerging changes within us.

In the bridge time, we are invited to see with Soul Eyes, the world our heart consciousness knows to be True.

The darkness has only been an illusion, albeit a convincing one.

We are in the process of re-membering that the Light is, and has always been, the only True Reality.

As the Light Codes activate and awaken more of our heart's consciousness, we will be able to sentiently connect and feel what it is that is our unique role to play in this greater unfoldment. We will hear guidance and feel nudges to act, lead, voice, support, let go, try, embrace, offer, or express in ways that feel new and brighter . . . and more decisive and elevated.

It is our WILLINGNESS to see with New Earth Vision, with Soul Eyes, and thus from our Hearts, that we will gain the clarity to see beyond the illusions that have gripped us and engaged us for so long.

And it is in our WILLINGNESS to let go, to release, and/or to heal and integrate our own density and shadow aspects that we will feel lighter, and more free, to participate in the rising energies in this way.

Our wings are ready.

Our inner compasses know the way.

Our lanterns are our Divine Lights, that are returning to us with great abundance now.

2017 may bring more turmoil, exposure, discomfort, and requirements of divine flexibility and fortitude now.

But our sentient selves, our higher selves, know how to work with the New Light, in ways that our minds simply cannot fathom.

Listen for your sentience. Listen for your empowerment. See with soul eyes the vastly talented light being you are. And consider letting the Light lead your actions, your perceptions, and your beliefs, as the old codes release and the new ones rise within you to guide you Home. To your True Light. And to your powerful Heart Center.

This Center knows the perfection in the divine design, no matter how things appear in the outer world from outer vision.

Ask your higher self, your wiser self, your light being self, to guide your inner ears and your inner eyes now in all ways.

Ask your higher self, your soul self, your sentient self to lead you with Light in all Highest Good ways, for you, for the collective, and for the planet.

The Light is Ready to Lead.

May 2017 be a new year for us all . . . of embracing the True Light, our True Talents, and the Extraordinary Powerful and Infinite Light Beings we truly are!

With Love and Luminous Light,


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