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Marie Mohler Bio

Marie Mohler is an author, artist, scribe, channel, and creative spirit.  She has a Masters degree in Psychology, but considers her life experiences to be her greatest teachers.  Since her awakening in 2003, her intuitive gifts and exploration of talents has expanded as well.  


Marie has written, illustrated, and published approximately 15 books in a unique series called Shine Your Light Books.  She believes we all have an inner child to feed  . . . that loves to create, to play, to laugh, and to be delighted on a daily basis.  She also believes that many people are awakening at this critical time to their true light, their unique gifts and talents, and their sense of deep purpose on the planet as well.  


Current titles included in her illustrated book series include:  


Swallow the Sun

Leonard's Song

Little Bird's Earth Nest

The Habit of Rabbits

The Knight and His Armored Heart

Hearts of Trees


The Color of Magic and the Magic of Color


Marie has also written two self-help books for the awakening spiritual seeker entitled . . . Cosmic Wealth:  A Guide to Living the Prosperity of a Rich Inner Life and Cosmic Keys:  Channeled Inspirations to Open the Heart of One.  


Both offer a unique combination of channeled insights and rich understandings about the awakening and ascension process unfolding within many today, that is calling us to reconnect with our divine beginnings, our true self, and our amazing inner wealth.


Additionally, she has an uplifting audio CD series, called Inner Child Inspiration . . . which aims to inspire the timeless and ageless inner child that indwells us all  through positive messages, affirming stories, and inspirational music (songs sung by Jana Stanfield - used by permission).  


We are living in incredible times.  And we each have extraordinary talents for these times.  It is Marie's hope and intention that her sites, products, channeled offerings, videos, and stories offer perhaps a different perspective, a higher light, a source of support, or a useful resource for everyone on the planet waking up to the powerful and transcendent times we are living in, and seeking tools for the journey home back to wholeness, integration, and re-union with the Divine.


There are energies to transmute, a planet to heal, hearts to help, souls to inspire, and the work is just beginning, as we move out an expired planetary system of outdated codes, density, and disempowerment and into a new age and new dimensional field of light.  But nature shows us the way, every day.  Turn your face to the sun, water your dreams, gifts, and highest intentions, trust the storms to seed cleansing and light on the planet, and take conscious action when possible to do your part to shine the light on what you pledged to share in these extraordinary times.  


Together, we can do this!  Together, we can birth this New Earth!


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