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ICI Audio CD Courage/Self Expression - $14.00

ICI Audio CD Inner Strength/Wisdom - $14.00

ICI Audio CD Kindness/Oneness - $14.00

Living from the Heart.  Expressing our Talents.  Embracing Truth and Transparency.  


Honoring Equal Energy Exchange.  Singing Soul Songs.  Receiving Divine Blessings in their myriad of forms.  


Witnessing the release of the old codes and outdated enslavement systems and the emergence of the new light codes flooding in.


Consciously participating in these powerful earth shifts.  


And tuning our inner compass to remembering the Infinite Light that Higher Consciousness brings.  


These are living essences of sharing and shining our light.




My name is Marie Mohler, and I am an author, artist, scribe, channel, and creative spirit.  At this time of Powerful Earth Shifts and Heart Consciousness rising on the planet, many are hearing the call to follow their Inner Guidance and to embrace something very new in their awareness and conscious daily lives.  


Shine Your Light Gifts is a supportive sacred space, where the expanding light is spotlighted, spiritual resources in the form of products, wearable frequencies, stories, and exercises are offered, and links to additional inspirations are shared to support the changes we are all experiencing individually and as a collective.  The Time is Now to be the Light we truly are!


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